Make the road a unique experience ...



Each trip is a bubble of relaxation and calm for our customers, in an exceptional vehicle, with premium services. 


True innovators in Savoie and Rhône-Alpes, GREEN MOTION SOLUTIONS is at the forefront of technology with our electric vehicles, while offering unique high-end services.


Our passengers experience a ride like no else thanks to our services and the professionalism of our drivers.


Sustainable development and the preservation of the environment are at the heart of our concerns.

We want to transmit these values to our customers, whether they are individual, business professionals, or those in the tourism industry, so that they can share in this new and exciting mode of transportation. 




Ride in peace and security ...


Our electric vehicles allow our customers to travel with confidence. They are quiet, spacious and comfortable.


As a passenger, you will enjoy your exceptional travel experience and benefit from our range of premium services.



The Model X is one of the most versatile, safe and efficient SUVs.


With a battery of 100 kWh for 565 km of autonomy (NEDC), the Model X can accommodate up to 5 people.



The Model S was designed to be the safest and most exhilarating sedan.


In the cabin, the sound engineering and ultra silent motorization make it possible to obtain an acoustic environment worthy of a recording studio making your travel the most soothing of journeys.


TESLA Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 is an electric sedan smaller and simpler than the Model S.


SX3 Tesla model S X 3 green motion solutons


Audi opens a new chapter in its history with the new Audi E-Tron. More than a 100% electric vehicle, the new Audi embodies a vision avant-garde mobility: more efficient, more connected, more agile, more intelligent.


Say yes in an electric vehicle ...

We are all looking forward to the "Most beautiful day of our life.” To marry the one we love is a magical moment, with months of preparations so that everything is perfect and this beautiful day is unforgettable.


GREEN MOTION SOLUTIONS contributes to the success of your union by providing you with its most beautiful electric vehicles. Its master chauffeurs will accompany you throughout your day so that your only thought is “I do!”


Thanks to our partners, we can offer option such as:

-Floral decoration of the vehicle (hood/bonnet, mirrors, wheels), a small bridal bouquet, and the decoration of the rear window, all completed by our team of professional florists

-Wedding planning by our wedding planner, recognized in Savoie, Haute-Savoie and Switzerland

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